Safety tips for Illinois pedestrians

Pedestrians should take extra safety precautions to avoid becoming victims of accidents.

Not having a car in Illinois can be a great way to save money and get in some exercise while traveling between destinations, but being a pedestrian is not without its dangers. To avoid an auto or truck mishap, you have to know a few safety tips. The right information can help you avoid an accident and make the roads, crosswalks and sidewalks safer for drivers as well as pedestrians.

Ensure you are visible

Before crossing the street, be sure drivers can clearly see you and acknowledge your presence. With the number of distractions for both pedestrians and drivers on the rise, it is vital they both work together to ensure they see each other. To help with this, only cross the street in a well-lit area, carry a flashlight when walking at night and wear either bright or reflective clothing when traveling particularly busy intersections.

Pay attention to signs and laws

As you walk, look out for signs intended for pedestrians, including where and when you should cross the street and where and when drivers are legally required to give you the right of way. You should also be sure you only cross the street at designated intersections and crosswalks where drivers expect to see pedestrians. Also, only cross the street when you have a WALK signal at traffic stops and crossings.

Avoid dangerous practices

If you walk in a place where there is no sidewalk, you will want to walk on the shoulder of the road and face traffic so you know what is coming towards you. Avoid walking while intoxicated or otherwise impaired. Keep your eyes and ears open while walking and crossing the street to be well-aware of your surroundings. When approaching a car stopped at an intersection waiting to turn, it is best you cross behind the car rather than in front; there is no guarantee the driver will be aware of you, and you could get hit by crossing in front of the vehicle.

Recognize blind zones

Pedestrians should be especially careful when it comes to buses and trucks, mainly because they do not have the same visibility as regular-sized automobiles. For instance, most large vehicles have blind spots at the very back, so be sure you never walk behind a bus or truck when it is backing up. Keeping your distance is especially important when dealing with trucks carrying wide loads.

Even following the above practices in Illinois is no guarantee against an accident. If you should be hit by a vehicle or encounter a similar incident, do what is best for your health and peace of mind by consulting with a lawyer.

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