The top safety features to look for in a vehicle

Learn about the safety features that offer you the most protection in the event of an accident. Find out more about your options.

Everyone wants to have a safe vehicle, and nobody wants to venture out on Illinois roadways in a vehicle that lacks basic safety features. Luckily, manufacturers are answering the call for safer vehicles and including or offering a variety of safety features on new vehicles. For those who are thinking about purchasing a new car, truck or SUV, it is important to understand more about which safety features a new vehicle should have.

Basic safety features

Basic safety features are often offered as standard on a vehicle, which means the buyer does not have to pay extra for them. However, there are often upgrades available for such features, which are worth considering.

The standard safety features usually included in a vehicle are seat belts, air bags, anti-lock brakes and head restraints. As Reader's Digest explains, there may be addition standard options including traction control, electronic stability control and all-wheel drive.

When considering the basic safety features, a person should look for seat belts that are adjustable. These make it easier to ensure a proper fit. Air bags should be present on the driver and passenger sides of the front seat. Additional air bags in the side and rear areas of the vehicle are desirable.

Anti-lock brakes are fairly standard these days, so they should be included. The same with head restraints, but they are only required for the front seat, so buyers should look for models offering them in rear seats, too. Traction control, all-wheel drive and electronic stability control may be standard on select makes and models, but are well worth checking into for the additional protection they offer from car accidents.

New safety features

There are many new safety developments that go beyond the basic options. These are often optional and cost extra. Some of them are not that useful, but others can be lifesavers because they prevent collisions. Business Insider noted rear view cameras, one of these optional safety features, are incredibly helpful. They not only make it easier to maneuver a vehicle but also protect pedestrians around the vehicle.

Another great option is lane assist, which helps a vehicle stay in its own lane by gentle moving it back into the lane if it strays. Finally, blind spot detection is especially useful for those who travel on multiple lane roads. It expands the driver's view and can prevent accidents due to blind spot issues.

When buying a new vehicle, it is important to pay attention to safety features. While some may simply be "bells and whistles" many are useful and dramatically increase the overall safety of the vehicle. This helps to prevent car accidents and save lives. The Jasmer Law Firm can help you to understand more about vehicle safety.

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