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April 2014 Archives

5 people, including woman in store, injured in Chicago crash

You don't have to be on the street to be the victim of an auto accident. Sometimes you can be minding your own business indoors when it happens. Among five people injured in a crash on the afternoon of April 18 was a woman in a grocery store.

Maywood, Illinois, man charged in fatal hit-and-run accident

It is regrettable anytime a person is killed during a car crash, but those emotions are felt most severely when the victim dies at the hands of a drunk driver. A Chicago woman is currently experiencing that tragedy right now after a brutal hit-and-run driver killed her mother. Police say the 67-year old victim was crossing the street near the 5000 block of W. North Ave. around 9:45 p.m. last Sunday when an alleged drunk driver struck her with his car. He then reportedly ran over her before he made a U-turn and fled the scene. Police say the woman died after she was admitted to Loyola University Medical Center.

Illinois lawsuit alleges product liability claim against Sears

Buying power tools is something that most men enjoy doing. Items like saws, nail guns and other tools help these men to complete jobs much easier than if they were to use hand tools. When a man purchases power tools, he probably expects that the tools will be properly assembled and contain proper safety measures. Sadly, that is not always the case.

Teen passenger in DUI crash in Illinois may have spinal injury

Nearly all of us take our mobility for granted. It is often easy to forget how frequently we use our legs to stand, walk or any number of other routine tasks. But what if you no longer had the use of your lower extremities? One thing that is certain is that your ability to earn a living would be much more difficult.

Chicago-area woman arrested for multiple car accidents, injuries

A 63-year Wilmette woman is facing multiple charges after a dangerous and destructive drive through the streets of Evanston on April 6. Police have not yet said what caused the woman's "erratic" rampage that injured two people, one of them seriously. However, no alcohol and illegal drugs were found during initial testing.

Illinois listed in huge Ford Motor Company recall of Eclipse SUVs

Anyone who buys a vehicle is putting trust in the manufacturer that the vehicle is safe and will operate properly. Sadly, that doesn't always happen. When vehicles aren't safe and don't operate properly, accidents can occur. Once an issue is discovered, some automakers will issue a recall to help rectify the situation in an attempt to stop accidents from occurring. In one of the two recent recalls by Ford Motor Company, Illinois is listed as one of the states affected by the problems.

Illinois lawmakers could toughen Scott’s law penalties

Illinois statute 625-5:11-907(c) is known as Scott's Law, although the law is titled the "Operation of vehicles and streetcars on approach of authorized emergency vehicles." The law requires state drivers to yield, proceed with caution and, when possible, move away from parked emergency vehicles with activated flashers. Recent fatalities among emergency workers have prompted lawmakers to consider strengthening Scott's law penalties.

Illinois College wrongful death suit moved to school's county

The rules applicable to a liability lawsuit in state courts are dictated by laws of the location where the claim is filed. An out-of-state plaintiff who submits a wrongful death complaint in Chicago must abide by provisions of the Illinois Wrongful Death Act. Additionally, a defendant must retain an attorney who is licensed to practice within the state.

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