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June 2014 Archives

Fatal accident takes life of 1, injures others in Illinois

The report of a recent crash involving five vehicles in Illinois states that one man has been pronounced dead from his injuries. The truck crash involved a semi-truck, a sports utility vehicle and other vehicles. The 74-year-old victim was a passenger in the SUV driven by his wife, a 71-year-old woman.

Bus accident story highlights CTA’s “four strike” rule

Most of us are familiar with the rules of baseball. In baseball a batter gets three attempts to swing and connect with a ball before being considered out. A recent story about the Chicago Transit Authority reveals that they have a similar policy when it comes to bus drivers who have minor accidents. The only exception is that CTA bus drivers may get four proverbial swings at bat before they are terminated.

Illinois accident kills construction worker, drunk driver charged

Reduced speeds and other precautions going through construction zones aren't in place to simply annoy drivers and make their commute last longer than necessary. The precautions are all in place to help keep the construction zone workers safe from harm. When drunk drivers try to navigate through these construction zones, especially in the early morning hours when it is still dark, tragedy is almost sure to occur. A recent accident in an Illinois construction zone shows how these accidents can end in sheer disaster.

Car accidents are the biggest killer of teens in the U.S.

The National Safety Council calls summer the "100 deadliest days for teen drivers". There has been a lot of emphasis lately by public safety experts about the importance of reducing distracted driving. In particular, teens are often mentioned as the main culprits of texting and other usage of electronic devices while driving. Ironically, it is not the distracted driving that results in the deaths of the largest number of teens; it's not wearing a seat belt.

1 dead in Illinois following semi crash

Semi-truck accidents are often deadly or cause serious injuries due to the weight of the truck. In a recent news report, a person's fatal injury reportedly stopped traffic on a section of I-39 between Baxter Road and Route 72 during rush hour due to an accident with a semi. The accident took place on June 16, and the story is sadly a common one.

Chicago moped rider in coma after crash causes spinal cord injury

A 40-year-old man is fighting for his life at the Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center after being hit by a BMW while riding his moped. The man was struck by the car when the driver of the vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign.

Court ruling on product liability affects smokers

Smoking has been around since man discovered fire and tobacco produced an interesting effect. We now know smoking is one of the leading causes of several types of cancer, and people who smoke maintain it is their constitutional right to inhale as much smoke into their lungs as possible. Further thwarted by subsequent evidence of second hand smoke, it has become a challenge for those wishing to indulge to find a smoke-free zone in most communities. Illinois is no exception.

Egg salad recall gives rise to product liability concerns

On June 8, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration reported that Illinois residents are part of a voluntary recall to remove a brand of egg white salad from the marketplace. The manufacturer, Lansal, Inc., says that there has not yet been any reported incidents of illness with regards to the recalled product. However, Lansal, Inc., which also does business under the name of "Hot Mama's Foods," says that an internal inspection revealed the potential for listeria monocytogenes contamination in 304 containers of its product.

Fatal accident claims life of Chicago cab driver after explosion

There isn't any excuse for drivers to not pay attention while they are driving. Even a single second of inattention can lead to a serious accident. A recent accident that occurred in Chicago has claimed the life of a cab driver, but the driver who caused the accident wasn't injured in the crash.

European device gives hope to patients with spinal cord injuries

A spinal cord injury is a devastating event in a person's life. Some of these injuries are suffered in accidents on the job. Now paraplegics in Illinois and elsewhere are hopeful that a study in its infancy in Europe that is experimenting with new technology will help people with spinal cord injuries to walk again. Though currently in the experimental stage in laboratory tests on animals, the research looks promising.

Business sees distracted driving awareness link to car accidents

By now, most Americans are aware of the threat to public safety posed by drinking and driving. Ironically, few of us consider that talking on the phone while driving is also a very dangerous undertaking. Consider this: the number one cause of all job-related deaths are motor vehicle crashes, according to the National Safety Council.

2 semi-trucks and bus involved in crash on Chicago expressway

Semi-truck drivers have a responsibility on the roadways to operate the large vehicles in a manner that is safe. When the semi-truck driver doesn't do that, an accident can happen. An accident on the Dan Ryan Expressway on Tuesday afternoon involving two semi-trucks and a bus proves that semi-truck drivers must drive safely to avoid accidents.

Chicago-area teen found guilty in crash that killed 5-year-old

A Chicago-area child is dead and a teen may be spending the next 14 years of her life in prison because of a foolish and dangerous decision the young woman made two years ago. The 19-year-old defendant pleaded guilty to a charge of reckless homicide just before her trial began. Her two-day trial, therefore, centered on the charge of aggravated DUI. The Lake County judge found her guilty of that crime.

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