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August 2014 Archives

Ammo explodes at Illinois plant, kills 2 recycling workers

No Chicago worker is immune from workplace dangers, although employees are likely to encounter hazards in some types of occupations more than others. A high-rise construction worker is certainly at a safety disadvantage compared to a cubicle-bound computer programmer. No matter what job workers have, Illinois employers are required to follow safety rules to protect them.

Charges for fatal accident hinge on Illinois teen's test results

It would be unfair to say all teen drivers in Illinois are careless or reckless because it isn't true. However, some teens lack maturity and experience with consequences, not just as drivers but as people. Teens often don't realize their behaviors can injure or kill others, but that's not an excuse to escape accountability.

3 left in critical condition due to alleged Illinois drunk driver

Getting into a car accident is probably the last thing on your mind when you go for a drive. Unfortunately, there are many dangerous people on the roads. If you're in a crash, remember that you're able to attempt to seek compensation for damages and your pain and suffering, much like these men may want to do.

Basic facts and statistics about Illinois railway accidents

Here in Chicago, commuters have a wide variety of mass transportation selections to help them move about the city and local communities. Most commuters are well acquainted with the Chicago Transportation Authority, yet some area residents forget about the Metra and Amtrak trains that flow to and from the city every day.

Don't wait too long to seek compensation for Chicago accidents

When you are hurt in a mass transit accident, one of the first things you will probably do is seek medical care for your injuries. Because medical care isn't usually free, you will likely start to get bills in for the medical care you receive. Not only can these medical bills be a bother as you try to recover from your injuries, they can also cause serious damage to your finances and possibly your credit. One way that you might be able to do away with the irritation of these bills and the havoc they can cause is to seek compensation for your injuries.

Crash victim passes away 16 days after truck crash in Illinois

A recent pair of truck crashes that took place on I-55 in Illinois left several people injured and dead. Now, a new update from Aug. 7 has said that another person injured in one of the crashes has passed away from his injuries. Reports say that the 64-year-old driver involved in a tractor-trailer crash has been pronounced dead.

National statistics on worker deaths occurring on the job

Perhaps you've wondered as you head off to work just how many people engaged in the same type of occupation have died while trying to earn a living. There is actually a federal agency tasked with keeping those numbers. Under the direction of the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics is the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries.

Car accident in Chicago kills 1, injures 6 including driver

Driving on Chicago streets is a difficult activity even on the best of days just because of the sheer number of vehicles on the roadways. For pedestrians and those who are parked along these roadways, the danger while they are going about their activities is extreme. For two people who were in the parking lane of N. Sheridan Road, a driver's rushed and reckless driving ended with them being struck.

Oil shipment rules to reduce commercial vehicle accident injuries

Undoubtedly, you have seen them before if you've ever been caught waiting for a train to pass. Chances are you probably paid little attention to the long cylindrical, cigar shaped oil tank container railcars used to ship crude oil by train. Those cars may soon become a thing of the past once new safety regulations take effect.

Fatal crash results in 1 death, multiple injuries in Illinois

If you've ever been hurt in a crash or lost a loved one to a fatal injury, you know that you can be overwhelmed at the time of a tragedy. Despite this, it's important to seek the compensation and justice you deserve for your family member's wrongful death. If someone caused your loved one's death, he or she should be the person covering your costs and damages.

Flying tire kills driver on Bishop Ford Freeway in Chicago

Driving on Chicago's Bishop Ford Freeway has some risks. The high volume of traffic mixed with the speed limit can often lead to accidents. While most of these accidents involve vehicles moving in the same direction, there are some freak accidents that can happen on the Bishop Ford. One of these accidents recently happened.

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