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October 2015 Archives

Do you have a toxic tort case?

Despite the many safety regulations that are in place to protect workers, consumers and the general public, toxic chemicals and materials are still all around us. Unfortunately, sometimes political interests trump safety issues, and powerful, well-funded companies are allowed to continue to pollute the air, water and materials that we're exposed to every day. When someone files a lawsuit as the result of an injury or death due to exposure to one of these materials or chemicals, it's called a "toxic tort."

Health care professionals face unique risks for workplace assault

We've seen too many instances of workplace deaths in recent years, whether it's teachers being killed by an armed assailant or a terminated co-worker returning to exact vengeance on those he believed wronged him. However, hospital employees face the potential for being harmed at work for a number of reasons.

Family files wrongful death suit over man's jailhouse death

If a loved one is incarcerated, we expect the people who run and work in the facility to ensure that person's safety to the best of their ability. Now a jailhouse death that occurred last year in Michigan is attracting media scrutiny after the release of a disturbing video. The victim was a 32-year-old man who was sentenced to 30 days behind bars because he was unable to come up with $772 after being pulled over for careless driving.

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