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March 2016 Archives

Police say spilled coffee caused bus rollover accident

Authorities are saying that a driver distracted by spilled coffee was to blame for an accident that sent 29 people, most of them high school basketball players, to the hospital on Saturday, March 19. The 21 players were from Griffith High School in Griffith, Indiana. They, along with team officials, were on their way to Lafayette to play in a state tournament when the accident occurred.

Why don't school buses have seat belts?

Seat belt laws can be rather confusing. It's been found time and time again that seat belts protect people in car accidents in Illinois, reducing injuries and saving lives. However, when children are put on school buses, seat belts are suddenly ignored, as they're no longer mandatory. Why does this happen?

What information will your attorney need following a truck crash?

If you've been involved in an accident with a truck, even if you were fortunate enough to escape serious injury, you're likely badly shaken up. However, if you are considering seeking compensation for damages and injuries via a civil lawsuit in Illinois, there are some things that will help a personal injury attorney provide advice regarding pursuing a lawsuit against the trucking company, the driver and/or any other responsible entities or individuals.

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