PRESS RELEASE: Chicago Personal Injury Attorney David Jasmer Recently Reached a $1 Million Out-Of-Court Settlement

(Chicago, Illinois) April 11 - Firm founder David Jasmer of The Jasmer Law Firm, located in Chicago, Illinois, recently secured a $1 million out-of-court settlement for a client who was rendered an incomplete quadriplegic following a fall down a defective stairway.

Last July, while visiting a friend's home, an active 54-year-old woman fell down a steep, poorly lit stairway onto a cement basement floor. She was catastrophically injured, breaking her neck and sustaining serious injuries to her spinal cord and knee. Doctors diagnosed her as an incomplete quadriplegic, meaning that she still had some movement and sensation in the nerves below her damaged spinal cord.

Following the accident, the injured woman immediately underwent surgery to stabilize her spine. In the last eight months she has undergone extensive rehabilitation and physical therapy, and has gradually begun to walk again, with assistance. But many of her injuries remain severe and permanent, and she will require ongoing care.

Using an expert engineer to examine the accident site, attorney Jasmer was able to provide information to the homeowner's insurance company establishing that the stairway was defective and unsafe, lacking handrails and adequate lighting. The insurance company agreed to settle out of court, for the maximum amount of the policy's limits - $1 million.

"We're happy for our client that we achieved this settlement without filing a lawsuit," said Jasmer. The settlement reached was the maximum amount obtainable under the homeowner's insurance policy.

Jasmer noted that personal injury lawsuits are often not only expensive to take to court, but are usually long and drawn-out, with clients often not receiving damages for their injuries for years. "In this case, we were able to reach an out-of-court settlement with the insurance company, allowing my client to receive compensation for her injuries less than a year after the accident occurred. We are pleased that the insurance company recognized the strength of our position and quickly agreed to pay the policy limits, allowing our client to receive compensation in a timely manner."

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