Risks to pedestrians in Chicago

Chicago residents should be aware of the high number of pedestrian fatalities in Cook County.

Pedestrians are highly vulnerable to sustaining injuries or to even being killed when hit by motor vehicles. Serious pedestrian accidents can happen in parking lots, intersections, roadsides and more. Certainly pedestrians can improve their overall safety by following all traffic laws, wearing brightly colored gear or clothing and facing traffic as they walk. However, these things alone are not enough to prevent all pedestrian collisions and the statistics make this all too painful to see.

A look at the numbers

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Cook County had the most number of pedestrian deaths in all of Illinois in 2013. Throughout the state, 125 pedestrians were killed in automobile accidents. Cook County was the site of 53 of those pedestrian fatalities.

Vehicular fatalities associated with all factors and causes numbered 991 for all of Illinois. In Cook County alone, that number was 251.

Current media reports show the ongoing danger

The statistics noted above are from 2013 but the dangers posed to pedestrians in Chicago are just as real today. Pedestrians are also equally at risk of being hit by any type of motor vehicle, not just standard passenger cars.

Following are some examples of recent accidents:

  • A pedestrian in Canaryville was struck by a Chicago Transit Authority bus on a Monday evening. The Chicago Tribune report noted that the pedestrian died as a result of the crash.
  • In McHenry, a motorcyclist collided with a pedestrian on a Thursday evening according to the Chicago Sun-Times. The crash sent the motorcyclist and the passenger on the motorcycle to the hospital. The pedestrian was killed in the impact and an investigation was initiated to find out what may have caused the deadly accident.
  • Illinois Route 59 was closed for multiple hours in the wake of a fatal pedestrian accident. As reported by the Chicago Tribune, a 27-year old motorcyclist hit a 52-year old pedestrian. Both people, residents of Plainfield, were killed in the accident. It is believed that high speed was involved in this crash.
  • In Belmont Cragin, a semi-tractor truck driver hit a pedestrian. The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the 62-year old woman who was hit died as a result of the collision.

These stories are just a sampling of the many pedestrian accidents that happen in Illinois.

Accident victims deserve help

Pedestrians who are involved in accidents should always seek help from an attorney. The same is true for loved ones who lose family members in pedestrian accidents.

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