Providing Strong Legal Representation In Fatal Car Accident Cases

Any fatal car accident is tragic. However, an accident caused by another person's negligence is especially troubling. Survivors cannot help wondering whether there is anything they could have done. Although they cannot turn back the clock and reverse a loved one's death, they do have some options that could prevent the same thing from happening to another family.

Their primary option is a wrongful death lawsuit. A successful claim of this type will not only send a message about the importance of not drinking and not texting, but of obeying the rules of the road. It can also provide those left behind with the financial resources they need to heal and put their lives back together.

Investigating, Reviewing And Consulting To Build Strong Cases

At The Jasmer Law Firm, our Chicago attorney advocates for the loved ones of fatal car accident victims. He is known for painstaking research and in-depth analysis, as well as for his use of a variety of highly respected experts and specialists. He routinely consults with accident reconstructionists, investigators and highway safety specialists. He interviews witnesses and obtains police reports. This type of evidence allows him to determine how the accident occurred and identify the liable party.

He also consults with other types of specialists who help him understand the impact of the death on the family. Economists and others provide him with calculations of the monetary value of the family's loss. Although this is an important component of a wrongful death lawsuit, other, less tangible losses and damages must also be included. Our attorney has an excellent record of accomplishment obtaining verdicts and settlements that reflect the enormity of the losses suffered by our clients.

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