Providing Strong Legal Representation For Those Injured In Rear-End Car Accidents

Many shrug off rear-end accidents as part of the cost of driving in Chicago. However, when a rear-end accident involves a tractor-trailer truck or other commercial vehicle, the situation suddenly becomes more serious. Additionally, a rear-end accident involving a car driving at high speeds can be just as catastrophic as one involving a truck. In both cases, injuries can be severe or fatal. Individuals injured or the families of those killed should seek the advice and counsel of an experience truck accident lawyer.

At The Jasmer Law Firm, attorney David S. Jasmer handles all types of motor vehicle accidents, including those involving rear-end collisions. We have obtained significant verdicts and settlements for clients involved in very serious rear-end accidents. One client was a young woman rear-ended by a commercial delivery van. Another was an elderly man rear-ended by a step van. In the first instance, the victim was left a paraplegic. In the second case, the driver was killed.

In matters like these, our law firm has succeeded in obtaining large settlements and verdicts for clients. One of the hallmarks of our firm is the thorough investigation we conduct to determine the precise facts of the case. This allows us to identify the responsible party and analyze the impact of the accident on our client's life and family.

Causes Of Rear-End Accidents

Rear-end accidents can involve vehicles:

  • Stopped at a traffic signal hit from behind
  • Traveling on the highway at high speed hit from behind
  • Stopped by the side of the road and hit from behind

When rear-end accidents involve a semi truck, it is important to verify the driver's log and recording devices such as the black box to ensure that driver fatigue was not the cause of the crash. Our attorney is adept at analyzing these types of evidence; in addition, the firm regularly consults with highly regarded trucking experts to establish the facts.

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