Experienced Legal Representation In Faulty Fetal Monitor Cases

Modern science and technology have contributed many advances enhancing the ability of doctors to facilitate safe delivery of babies. We are many decades beyond a time when maternal death during childbirth was somewhat common. Today, women deliver babies with many tools available to monitor the fetus's condition during prenatal care, labor and delivery.

A variety of fetal monitoring devices and procedures are now part of a widely accepted standard of care during prenatal care, labor and delivery. Fetal monitors used during birthing include a device draped across a mother's belly during labor and a device that is inserted in the scalp of the baby about to be born. An attendant can also listen to the baby's heartbeat during labor. During delivery, a doctor can detect when the baby has become trapped in the birth canal or has the umbilical cord wrapped around the neck.

Is Your Child's Cerebral Palsy A Result Of Faulty Fetal Monitoring?

If a fetus is in distress, it may be an indication that a C-section should be performed. Failure to perform a timely C-section can result in hypoxic brain injury to the baby, which in turn causes cerebral palsy. A mother and father concerned about how to help a baby injured in childbirth are advised to consult with a knowledgeable birth injury attorney.

The Jasmer Law Firm has achieved outstanding settlements and verdicts in birth injury cases resulting from inadequate fetal monitoring. Case results have included a $1 million partial settlement for the death of a newborn twin as a result of a premature delivery. This case continues against the obstetrician.

Birth Injury In Illinois? Failure To Monitor? Lawyer Representation Is Essential.

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