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Most birth injuries occur because of an obstetrician's "failure to perform timely C-section" despite risk factors observable in prenatal care or during labor:

  • Oversized fetus (when a baby is obviously too big)
  • Failure of dilation to progress once labor has started
  • Lack of oxygen during labor or delivery
  • Fetal distress

A birthing team's failure to properly monitor and respond in time leads to failure to perform a C-section in time to prevent harm to the baby. In Chicago hospital maternity wards and elsewhere, incidences of birth injury may be noticeable immediately at birth — or may not be noticeable until weeks, months or years later.

You And Your Baby Deserve An Attorney Who Can Help

The statute of limitations for bringing a lawsuit in a birth injury case is normally much longer than the statute of limitations for other plaintiff actions. This is likely because cerebral palsy and other birth injuries are sometimes not detectable for some time — sometimes not until a child starts to walk or starts school. It is probably impossible to discover without an investigation into whether your baby's birth injury was the result of an obstetrical department's failure to monitor your child's labor and delivery.

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