Helping Victims Of Moving Van And Rental Truck Accidents

As an attorney handling a wide range of trucking accident cases, David S. Jasmer has undertaken numerous moving van injury claims, securing significant verdicts and settlements for injured clients. The firm has also handled rental truck cases. In either instance, our principal attorney's experience serves our clients well.

At The Jasmer Law Firm, we are known for using innovative techniques in truck accident cases to prove liability and obtain full and fair compensation for clients who suffered catastrophic injury or the wrongful death of a loved one. We employ experienced and noted investigators as soon as we accept a moving van or rental truck case to preserve evidence and obtain witness statements before their memories fade.

Investigating The Rental Or Moving Company

When dealing with a case involving a rental truck or van, we also investigate the rental company's screening process to ensure that it was not knowingly renting to an individual without a license or to someone with numerous violations. Even a rental truck driver with a perfect driving record can be involved in an accident; he or she is probably unfamiliar with driving a bigger vehicle that has a much larger turning radius. Moreover, lack of knowledge about how to balance a load of household goods can be the cause of a rollover or other accident caused by a shifting load.

Commercial moving van accidents can be similar to those involving other large trucks. The driver may have had inadequate training or have hidden violations of the motor carrier safety rules. The accident could be a direct result of faulty or delayed maintenance that left brakes, couplings, lights and other safety equipment in bad repair. Like any other truck driver, the driver of a moving van may experience fatigue that results in a crash. We are adept at identifying accident-causing factors such as these.

Our attorney has succeeded in obtaining large awards and settlements for victims of rental and moving truck accidents. These include a $1.3 million partial settlement for an accident involving a U-Haul rental truck.

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