Injured By Falling Debris or Building Collapse At A Construction Site? We Can Help.

A falling object can cause significant injuries to an individual standing below, even if he or she is wearing a hard hat. These injuries can lead to lifelong complications and medical issues. For example, a head injury can encompass memory loss, mood swings, insomnia, migraines, severe brain damage, unresponsiveness and comas.

Whether you suffered a serious head injury, back or neck injury or other form of trauma due to falling debris or a building collapse, we can help you. At The Jasmer Law Firm in Chicago, attorney David Jasmer has more than 20 years of experience representing injured accident victims. His in-depth knowledge of the legal process and record of results allow him to provide clients with the support they need at every stage of a construction accident case.

Falling Objects At A Construction Site

At our firm, we help clients who have been injured by all types of falling objects at construction sites, including:

Nearly any object falling from a height can lead to a serious injury. If you were struck by a falling object, your first step should be to seek medical attention. Then, you should seek advice from an attorney who can help you understand your options.

At The Jasmer Law Firm, we understand the impact an injury can have on your future. We can help you pursue the compensation you need to cover the costs of your injury, including medical bills, lost income. damages for your pain and suffering, and disability.

Building Collapses: An Example

Building collapses are rare. Unfortunately, they do happen. And when they do, it can lead to devastating injuries and the loss of life.

One example of a famous building collapse in Chicago occurred in 1993. A new post office was being constructed at the corner of Polk and Canal. The architect for the project had developed a plan to construct the building. The fabricator changed the plan, believing that his change would be more efficient and faster. As a result, of the change, the builders were forced to use shorter bolts when connecting beams. This weakened the structure, which eventually led to the collapse.

In the collapse, two ironworkers lost their lives and five other individuals were significantly injured.

Complex issues are raised in a building collapse such as the post office collapse in 1993. As a result, we work with architects, engineers, contractors and other experts in order to determine liability and hold the negligent parties accountable for their loss.

Contact A Lawyer About Your Injuries From Falling Debris

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