Aggressive Legal Representation In Emergency Room, Surgery And Anesthesia Error Cases

A large percentage of medical malpractice-related injuries occur in the emergency room and in the operating room. The fast pace of the ER and need for meticulous care in the OR often lead to errors which should be anticipated and prevented by a well-trained, competent and conscientious staff.

When doctors, anesthesiologists, nurses and other medical care providers fail to protect patients' health and safety, catastrophic injury and death may result. At The Jasmer Law Firm, we have a proven track record of results on behalf of patients who have been seriously harmed by medical care provided in the ER and OR. We have helped numerous clients obtain compensation for pain, suffering, disability, disfigurement, medical expenses, and lost earnings as a result of serious injuries like brain damage, paralysis, loss of limb, and wrongful death.

Providing Caring, Knowledgeable And Diligent Legal Help Since 1996

Lawyer David J. Jasmer of The Jasmer Law Firm has provided caring, knowledgeable and diligent medical malpractice legal help to residents of the Chicago area for over 20 years. Our firm is highly skilled at handling medical malpractice claims occurring in emergency room and operating room settings and in other circumstances. For example:

  • Our 43 year-old client suffered from an asthma attack and was rushed to a hospital ER when he encountered problems breathing. The ER medical staff provided quick and cursory treatment, then left him alone. He soon stopped breathing and experienced severe brain damage. Our investigation revealed that the ER nurse assigned to his care was addicted to four pain killers and other medications.
  • Our client was hard at work as a paint factory supervisor when he started experiencing abdominal, chest, and back pain for which he was rushed to a hospital ER. He was quickly discharged with no diagnosis, then died of an aortic dissection less than a week later, of which abdominal, chest, and back pain are classic symptoms.
  • Our client received two lung X-rays over a six-month period. The radiologist failed to detect the presence of lung cancer in the films on two separate occasions.
  • In a case involving negligent eye surgery, we showed that the opposing side's expert had testified contrary to his own writings on the standard of care to be followed by the Defendant surgeon, recommending against operating on the same eye again within six months.
  • A recent case illustrates our diligence and effectiveness in handling medical malpractice cases. During litigation the defendant claimed to have lost the crucial operative report. However, we knew that it is likely impossible to fully lose an operative report because it is dictated by the doctor and transcribed in several ways. We successfully introduced a motion shifting the burden of proof from our client to the defendant. This meant we no longer had to prove that the defendant was guilty of negligence. Rather, the defendant had to prove it was not guilty. Due in part to our success in executing this radical and rare legal maneuver, we won a jury verdict in our plaintiff's favor.

On each case we assemble a team of top experts to provide valuable testimony regarding medical providers' negligence and use over 20 years of negotiation and litigation skills to pursue monetary compensation for each client. For more information regarding our firm and your rights following emergency room errors and surgical mistakes, contact our office.

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