Victim Of An Emergency Room Error? You Deserve Monetary Compensation.

Nursing negligence and doctor error can both cause or contribute to medical errors in the emergency room. Failure to perform a lumbar puncture, delay in diagnosis, intubation failure and failure to test for likely diseases are all examples of medical mistakes that sometimes cause serious harm to patients in emergency rooms.

Negligence in an emergency room sometimes has tragic results such as the case of a misdiagnosis that brought a jury verdict of more than $3 million.

At The Jasmer Law Firm, we serve emergency room error victims throughout Cook County. For over 20 years, we have maintained connections with top emergency medicine physicians and other healthcare professionals throughout the country — whose testimony is often critical to building a strong case for compensation when a hospital emergency room fails to exercise accepted standards of care.

Nursing Negligence And Physician Error In The ER

Examples of emergency room errors have included the following:

  • A patient known to suffer from asthma was left unattended and suffered a profound brain injury when he stopped breathing due to an asthma attack.
  • A child who arrived in the ER with meningitis went undiagnosed until it was too late to intervene and prevent lasting harm — severe brain damage.
  • Intubation failure has resulted in grave, irreversible damage or death to numerous patients in distress.

Everyone understands that emergency room personnel work in a high-risk environment. At the same time, when a hospital puts up an "ER" sign and operates an emergency room, that hospital is expected to staff it properly and follow all laws, regulations and standards of care for emergency medical treatment and care of patients.

How do emergency room errors happen? Delay in diagnosis, failure to take adequate health history, failure to administer the right tests or failure to read, interpret and act on test results are common reasons.

The Jasmer Law Firm is known for creativity and innovation in the process of discovering the true cause of an injury. Other law firms look to us as record-breaking trend setters in personal injury and medical malpractice law.

Offering Exceptional Legal Representation On A Contingency Fee Basis

The Jasmer Law Firm offers free initial consultations to people injured through neglect in emergency rooms and to family members when there has been a fatality. Lawyer David Jasmer is available for evening and weekend appointments and can come to your hospital or home if needed.

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