Did Your Doctor Fail To Diagnose Cancer? You May Have A Case For Medical Malpractice.

When you entrusted your health and well-being to the care of your physician, you may have left the doctor's office feeling confident that your complaints had been heard and your physical condition was fine. The doctor may have conducted examinations and done laboratory tests — but you did not receive any diagnosis of cancer.

Later, when your symptoms worsened and you talked to a doctor again, you learned that cancer had, in fact, been present in your body for a long time. It is impossible not to imagine that your prognosis might be much more favorable if your cancer had been detected much sooner.

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Now you may be facing many physical, financial and emotional realities that the advanced stages of cancer bring to an individual and a family. This is an important time to talk to an attorney. Legal action against your doctor or against a diagnostic laboratory cannot make up for lost time or take you back in time to when your cancer was in its early stages and went untreated. However, compensation for your expenses and losses can give you and your family hope during a difficult time after a missed diagnosis allowed your cancer to get worse.

A radiologist misread a chest x-ray, failing to detect a clearly visible nodule in the left upper lobe, which actually was a malignant tumor in our client. The case resulted in a settlement for $710,000.

The Jasmer Law Firm offers free initial consultations for cancer patients whose doctors did not diagnose their disease in a timely manner. Our Cook County med mal law offices will stay open for you for evening and weekend appointments and Mr. Jasmer can come to your hospital or home if needed.

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At The Jasmer Law Firm, we have helped clients obtain $90 million in verdicts and settlements since 1996. And we are here to help people who have suffered from undiagnosed cancer.

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