We Set The Standard In Failure To Diagnose Infections Cases

Physicians who fail to diagnose an infection may be guilty of medical negligence or malpractice. If the patient suffers further illness or injury, loses more work time or experiences other damages and losses because of this type of negligence, he or she may be eligible to seek compensation.

At our Chicago-based firm, The Jasmer Law Firm, our principal lawyer assists clients who have experienced this form of medical malpractice. He seeks settlements and verdicts that provide needed resources to injured or ill patients.

Experience, Resources And Knowledge

Our attorney has been handling cases like these since 1996 and understands the medical issues that come into play. Moreover, the firm has the resources to consult with respected medical experts and specialists who can explain how the failure to diagnose an infection was the result of a deviation from the accepted standard of care. We investigate thoroughly and build strong cases for our clients.

Failing to diagnose an infection can lead to a fatality. Especially in cases of meningitis, failure to diagnose can lead to a delay in treatment that can cause death or brain damage. Time really is of the essence in many cases of infection. Our law firm files wrongful death claims for clients whose loved ones died because of a failure to diagnose infection.

Frequently Misdiagnosed Infections

Common infection misdiagnoses include:

  • Failure to diagnose meningitis that results in brain damage or other injury
  • Failure to diagnose sepsis from untreated bed sores, urinary tract infections or other hospital-induced infections
  • Failure to diagnose fungal infection
  • Failure to diagnose post-surgical infections from a nicked bowel, retained sponge or incomplete stitching

Many infections are identifiable with common blood work. Unfortunately, even when the physician orders the correct tests, the results can be misread, ignored or lost. Not ordering the tests and failing to act on the results are common factors in infection misdiagnosis cases.

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