You Deserve The Best Legal Representation Possible When A Medical Laboratory Error Results In Injury

There is a vast array of diagnostic tests available to help physicians arrive at the correct diagnosis. However, mistakes in the lab or carelessness by the radiologist can mean that a diagnosis is delayed or never made at all.

The results of such errors can be significant, and a patient's illness can become worse because of the delays caused by radiology and laboratory errors.

Experienced And Knowledgeable Illinois Trial Lawyer

At our Chicago law firm, The Jasmer Law Firm, we assist clients who were left untreated or incorrectly treated because of diagnostic errors and delays. We have the knowledge, resources and experience to build solid cases that seek full and fair compensation for our clients. We employ well-regarded medical experts and specialists who help us understand how the negligence occurred. Our attorney uses his many years of experience in the courtroom to tell the story of radiology or lab negligence in straightforward language that juries understand.

In instances where the patient died because of this type of negligence, we undertake wrongful death claims. Having adequate financial support can relieve a major source of anxiety and can help people focus on recovering from their tragic loss.

Issues Handled By Our Illinois Radiation Error Attorney

Our firm handles medical malpractice cases that involve misread images such as:

  • X-rays
  • CT scans
  • MRI images
  • Mammograms

Physicians rely on specialists such as radiologists to interpret the images provided by these diagnostic tools. Such errors can lead to unnecessary surgery or treatment that actually make the condition worse. Failing to treat cancer because it was undiagnosed or failing to set a fractured limb correctly because the break was undetected have significant negative consequences.

Laboratory Error Examples

Another common type of diagnostic error involves laboratory results. Negligence in these circumstances can mean that:

  • The physician ordered the wrong test
  • The lab conducted the wrong test
  • The lab or physician misread the results
  • The lab assigned the results to the wrong patient
  • The lab mixed up blood or other samples

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