Misdiagnosis Costs Sauk Village Man His Life

Late Thursday afternoon, May 12, 2011, local attorney David S. Jasmer announced that a Cook County jury awarded $3,767,792 for the wrongful death of a 35 year-old Sauk Village man, Michael Hamilton, who died in 2001. He was a supervisor at Behr Process Corp. in Chicago Heights and fell extremely ill at work on May 15, 2001. He left a 12 year-old daughter and his mother, who brought the suit on behalf of her granddaughter.

The case involved a missed diagnosis of aortic dissection. Aortic dissection is a life-threatening illness that is treatable but needs to be diagnosed in time. The family claimed that the emergency room doctor, Jose Almeida, M.D., of Excel Emergency Care, LLC failed to uncover the condition. He was rushed to St. James Hospital by ambulance but sent home by the defendants 3 hours later. He died of an aortic dissection on May 21, 2001.

The jury heard testimony for approximately two weeks and ruled late this afternoon for the family. The trial Judge was the Honorable Richard J. Elrod of the Circuit Court of Cook County. The jury heard testimony from seven doctors plus the defendant doctor and various fact witnesses. The family was represented by David S. Jasmer of Chicago, IL (312) 782-6344, [email protected] and Larry Wright of Austin, Texas, [email protected]. Judge Elrod entered judgment on the verdict and the jury was released. For further information, please contact either Mr. Jasmer or Mr. Wright.


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