Setting The Standard In Motor Vehicle Accident Victim Representation

Motor vehicle accidents happen at an unfortunately high rate of frequency in the United States. These accidents can range from little more than a bump from the car behind you at a stoplight to multivehicle pileups that leave those involved with serious physical and emotional trauma, permanent injuries, dire financial consequences, and, in some tragic cases, fatal injuries.

At The Jasmer Law Firm, we have a reputation for setting the standard in personal injury legal representation in the Chicago, Illinois, area. We understand that in the aftermath of a serious motor vehicle accident, it's important for victims to work with an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable, passionate and accessible — someone who is capable of conducting an exhaustive investigation into the cause of the collision and obtaining monetary damages that fully compensate victims for their injuries. Since 1996, The Jasmer Law Firm has been that firm — the firm that accident victims can turn to with confidence.

Victims Of Serious Motor Vehicle Accidents Deserve Compensation

Many victims in motor vehicle accidents may not be aware of all the forms of compensation they may be entitled to. When a catastrophic motor vehicle accident occurs, if you were not at fault, it is your legal right to seek damages to cover some or all of the following:

  • Medical care and ongoing rehabilitation or treatment
  • Any wage loss that has accrued during your recovery
  • Property damages for your vehicle
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death and related costs, including medical bills, funeral costs and pain and suffering related to loss of enjoyment of life

Whether you were involved in a truck accident, car accident or motorcycle accident, a victim of distracted driving, or injured by a car as a pedestrian or while on a bicycle, The Jasmer Law Firm is ready and willing to assist you. We pride ourselves on being a recognized leader and innovator in the field of personal injury law, and we push ourselves to bring our clients exceptional results.

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