We Can Help You Get Compensation For Injuries Sustained In A Gas Fire Or Explosion

Few product liability accidents cause more damage and injury than gas and propane explosions. And, because gas is used as power in many settings, explosions can occur in homes, factories, summer cabins and almost any other residential, commercial or industrial setting.

At The Jasmer Law Firm, we have handled dozens of personal injury cases involving dangerous products, including injuries resulting from natural and propane gas fires and explosions.

We Have Had Success Litigating Gas Fire And Explosion-Related Injury And Death Claims

Several years ago our client arrived at his cabin in northern Wisconsin. He smelled something odd but was unfamiliar with the odor of propane gas. The cabin was destroyed in a propane explosion from leaked propane gas after our client lit a candle to investigate the odd odor. Our client was severely burned. We took several steps that helped us succeed in helping our client:

  • We investigated the case thoroughly and discovered that the local gas company failed in its duty to inspect the inside of the cabin following the recent replacement of a gas stove.
  • We worked diligently and successfully to prevent the case's transfer from Illinois to a court in northern Wisconsin. We believed that northern Wisconsin jury members would be unsympathetic to our client because they would expect our client to recognize the smell of propane, which is heavily used in that area.
  • We also hired key expert witnesses, including an odorant expert.

Our lawyer representation resulted in a $30 million settlement. Equally important, we provided support and encouragement throughout the process. This empowered our client to overcome thoughts of suicide and become someone who now talk to other burn victims about how to deal with their injuries, no matter how catastrophic.

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