Devoted To Protecting The Rights Of Clients Injured By Defective Machines And Tools

Machines and tools that are designed to speed up production almost by definition carry increased risk to their users. Nails that once needed to be pounded through wood by hand can now penetrate rock at the push of a button. Saws that were once operated manually can now cut through almost anything before a user has time to react. And scaffolding, ladders and other tools involving dangerous heights fail too often, resulting in falls and serious injuries.

Attorney David S. Jasmer of the Chicago firm of The Jasmer Law Firm devotes his entire practice and career to protecting and promoting the rights of injured clients, including clients injured on and off the job from dangerous products. If you or a loved one were seriously injured by any of the following, we can help:

  • A nail gun
  • Workplace or industrial machinery
  • Scaffolding or a ladder
  • A home improvement power tool
  • Any other machine or tool

You Need Monetary Compensation — And We Have A Track Record Of Obtaining High-Value Awards

Our firm has worked hard to earn its reputation as a skilled personal injury firm. Our thorough investigation, creative legal strategizing and careful use of professional experts have yielded numerous positive results.

Our track record demonstrates our ability best — several eight-figure awards, including a $20 million settlement, a $30 million settlement and a $21 million jury award affirmed by the Illinois Supreme Court. For a no-charge consultation regarding your rights after an injury from machinery or from a tool, simply call our office.

How To Contact Us

Discuss your unsafe machine or tool claim with an attorney for free. We don't collect attorney fees unless we obtain monetary compensation for you. To contact lawyer David Jasmer, call 312-386-7011 or 866-920-6021.