Safeguarding Our Children's Futures

Since the Mattel/China toy recall incident of 2007, parents have become increasingly aware that children's toy "accidents" are more than just accidents; they are the direct result of toys that were made of hazardous substances, designed unsafely or marketed to kids of the wrong age.

While the Consumer Products Safety Commission does what it can to protect consumers' safety, it is the lone governing agency over thousands of toy manufacturers. It has difficulty responding to safety concerns and even more difficulty preventing safety violations.

We Strive To Make A Positive Difference For Clients And Consumers

That's where civil litigation comes in. When injured consumers litigate against the makers of unsafe toys, personal injury lawyers have an opportunity to make a real difference, both for their clients and for all consumers.

At the Chicago law firm of The Jasmer Law Firm, we have handled personal injury cases since 1996 and focus our practice on:

If your child has been injured or killed by a toy or other product and you need legal counsel and representation in holding the manufacture responsible, we can help.

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Experienced Advocacy With A Track Record Of Success

We can provide experienced legal help following toy-related injuries due to lead ingestion, choking, melting/burning and other hazards, as well as help following injuries from cribs, strollers, car seats and other child-related products. Our track record speaks to our effectiveness in helping injured clients — since 1996 we have achieved awards of $20 million, $30 million and other seven- and eight-figure awards.

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