Experienced, Effective Representation In Environmental Injury Cases

Environmental litigation is almost invariably complex, drawing on the full skills and legal knowledge of toxic tort and environmental law attorneys. Often, lawyers handling environmental law/injury claims must locate, review and organize tens of thousands of documents, then prove that:

  • A company released a significant amount of pollution into the air or into groundwater, or that it produced or distributed a dangerous product
  • Victims' injuries are serious and that they are directly related to the defendant company's actions

Protecting You. Protecting Communities. Protecting The Environment.

Environmental law attorneys must also argue for an advantageous venue, select a sympathetic and appropriate jury, identify all possible defendants and handle hundreds of other crucial steps. One error can seriously jeopardize the entire case.

At The Jasmer Law Firm, we have earned our reputation as a skilled personal injury firm. David S. Jasmer actively seeks cases many lawyer decline — highly complex, legally complicated lawsuits involving difficult legal issues, multiple plaintiffs and the opportunity to:

  • Help numerous injured clients
  • Protect our environment and promote the restoration of polluted sites
  • Hold companies responsible for pollution and injuries

We have handled hundreds of personal injury cases since 1996, including numerous cases involving toxic torts and multiple-plaintiff litigation. We can investigate and handle potential toxic tort cases involving dangerous substances like:

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Environmental injury litigation is complex, and you need to be certain that you have an experienced advocate on your side.

Our firm has a track record that reflects our diligence, passion and ability to achieve results in complex personal injury litigation. We have achieved settlements and jury awards exceeding $90 million and have numerous won awards exceeding $1 million, including a $20 million and $30 million award.

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