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After 20 years of practicing truck accident law in Illinois, one observation stands out — flukes, "freak accidents" and unpreventable accidents are rare. Driver and truck company negligence and carelessness are not.

Driver Negligence Often Occurs In The Form Of Driver Distraction

Driver distraction often involves:

  • Cell phone use, including even hands-free cell phone use
  • Texting while driving (which the U.S. Department of Transportation has now banned)
  • The use of on-board computers
  • GPS use

The successful litigation of truck accident claims involving driver distraction can be extremely challenging. What if the driver swears he or she was not distracted or was not using a device in a dangerous fashion? Or what if the driver claims the distraction occurred but did not actually cause the truck crash?

At The Jasmer Law Firm, we have steadily built a reputation for innovative investigations, creative litigation and results that exceed clients' hopes and expectations. How?

  • The successful subpoenaing of Electronic Control Module (ECM)/black box records. ECMs function like the well-known airliner black boxes; they record crucial details that occur immediately prior to a crash
  • The successful acquisition and analysis of cell phone records. In a recent case, a driver stated under oath that he was not using a cell phone when a crash occurred. We persuaded the judge that the driver's cell phone records were relevant. When we received them, they revealed that the driver was using his cell phone at the time of the accident. The case later settled for a substantial sum.

Driver distraction can also involve driver fatigue, a driver's health and a driver's use of alcohol and drugs. To learn more about our advances and success in litigating truck accident cases involving driver distraction, contact a dedicated lawyer.

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