The Success Of Your Truck Accident Case May Depend On Gathering and Preserving Evidence

In a court of law, the success or failure of a truck accident case will likely hinge on the facts. If your lawyer says that driver fatigue caused an accident, he or she will have to prove it. If your attorney says that a truck's brakes went out, or that a driver was improperly trained or had an established record as a poor or drunk driver, he or she will have to prove it.

Proof requires obtaining facts and information. How, then, will your attorney obtain the information needed to prove allegations of negligence or carelessness?

The Proof Is In The Facts. But First The Facts Need To Be Found And Preserved.

At The Jasmer Law Firm, lawyer David Jasmer is recognized as a pioneer in using highly effective investigation/discovery techniques to obtain needed information in truck accidents. For example:

  • One truck accident case was based on the theory that the truck driver was distracted by cell phone use at the time of the accident. We first persuaded the judge to allow us to subpoena the driver's cell phone records. We then used them to prove the driver was on his cell phone when the accident occurred. The result was settlement for a substantial figure.
  • In other cases, we have obtained drivers' logs, truck maintenance records, and electronic control module/"black box" information, as well as drivers' employment history and health records, to prove driver and truck company negligence.

A potentially strong case is not strong if your lawyer is unskilled at gathering and preserving the evidence needed to back your case. We can examine road marks and other evidence at the crash site and build your case using the most persuasive evidence available. For a no-charge legal consultation following a serious truck accident, contact our firm.

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