Aggressively Pursuing Compensation For Injuries Caused By Inadequate Trucker Training

If you've been injured in a truck accident, you don't just want a cursory review of the accident and injuries and a fast settlement with the trucking company's attorneys. You want a lawyer who can aggressively pursue all of the compensation you deserve for your injuries.

At The Jasmer Law Firm, we are completely committed to asserting the rights of injured clients. Firm lawyer David S. Jasmer's knowledge of personal injury law began at a young age — his father, grandmother and other close relatives were leading judges, law professors, prosecutors and trial attorneys. A deeply instilled commitment to helping the injured motivates us to work hard to obtain monetary compensation for each of our clients.

Thorough Investigation Can Lead To Substantial Compensation

A recent case demonstrates our effectiveness in litigating truck accident cases involving inadequate driver training and hiring. Our investigation revealed that the truck driver in question claimed to have experience in driving big rigs when he applied for and won a driving position with a trucking company. Competent follow-up regarding this claim on the part of the transportation company would have revealed that this was not true; the driver had very little experience. Our investigation and representation resulted in a substantial settlement. When handling a complex truck accident case involving inadequate driver training, we will likely:

  • Work with accident reconstructionists to recreate the accident
  • Look creatively for effective strategies
  • Talk with state troopers and other law enforcement officials
  • Work to win a favorable venue/jurisdiction for the case
  • Subpoena all relevant documents from the trucking company
  • Hire medical experts and other experts to provide convincing and needed testimony
  • Reconstruct drivers' logs through other sources if the logs have been "lost"

If you have been seriously injured in a truck accident and have questions about the inadequate training of drivers, get the answers and legal help you need and deserve. Contact our firm for a no-charge consultation.

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