How Our Trucking Accident Law Firm Can Help You

The Jasmer Law Firm is one of the premier truck collision law firms in the country. The firm's principal, David S. Jasmer, helped achieve a record-shattering $20 million settlement on behalf of a 23-year-old newly married young woman who suffered complete paraplegia as the result of a collision with an 18-wheel UPS semi tractor-trailer on the highway — a case which set the gold standard for truck crash litigation.

The Jasmer Law Firm recently attained a partial settlement of $1.3 million for a young man who was profoundly brain injured when his car was struck by a U-Haul rental truck; the settlement was with the non-essential parties, and the case continues against U-Haul. The Jasmer Law Firm won a verdict for nearly $1 million for the estate of a 75 year old man who was killed in a rear-end van collision. Recently, after successfully making out a case for punitive damages against a truck company for negligent hiring/entrustment in a multi-vehicle collision with an 18-wheel semi tractor-trailer, The Jasmer Law Firm was able to settle the case for a confidential amount. Overall, Mr. Jasmer has helped achieve over $90 million in verdicts and settlements.

A Leader In Truck Crash Cases

The Jasmer Law Firm is recognized as a leader and innovator in the field of truck crashes resulting in catastrophic injury or death. The Jasmer Law Firm has been at the forefront of exposing the role of driver fatigue in causing truck collisions and has pioneered the use of innovative discovery techniques to prove that a fatality or severe injury was caused by a truck driver falling asleep at the wheel. Mr. Jasmer has assembled a team of the top sleep disorder and trucking experts in the country to show the impact of driver exhaustion.

Smart. Tough. Innovative.

The Jasmer Law Firm has led the way as an expert in negligent hiring and retention by truck companies who put unqualified drivers behind the wheel. The Jasmer Law Firm has been at the cutting edge in showing the effect of cell phone usage and on-board computers in distracting drivers' attention, resulting in crashes. Whether a truck accident is caused by driver fatigue, drug or alcohol intoxication, improper loading, poor truck maintenance, faulty equipment, defective truck design, or simple driver error, The Jasmer Law Firm's analytical acumen and thorough investigation of the facts have repeatedly led to incomparable results.

Experienced. Reliable. Dedicated.

The Jasmer Law Firm is known for our extraordinary ability to maximize the value of our clients' cases. The Jasmer Law Firm's intimate knowledge of the issues involved in trucking litigation has led to our proven track record of success. The Jasmer Law Firm is a master at navigating the way through the complexities of truck cases: from the skilled interpretation of the data from the truck's electronic control module or "black box" to piercing the interrelationships among owners of the tractor-trailer units to uncovering violations of the federal motor carrier safety regulations that govern the trucking industry to exposing attempts by truck drivers to falsify their log books to try to show they have not exceeded the strict limits on maximum driving hours.

The Jasmer Law Firm's advice and counsel in trucking litigation are consistently sought out by other attorneys. Mr. Jasmer is the author of the leading chapter on reconstruction experts in motor vehicle cases for Illinois which other lawyers look to for guidance. And The Jasmer Law Firm has established relationships with multiple law firms across the country who seek out and rely on our assistance time and again for their biggest, most challenging cases. Mr. Jasmer is the lawyer that other top law firms look to do the hard work of actually proving the case. His colleagues at other top law firms that have benefited from his work have called Mr. Jasmer "our secret weapon."

Tenacious Fighters

The Jasmer Law Firm is known for our tenacity in our relentless pursuit of justice for our clients. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to battling on behalf of the innocent victims we represent. When the big trucking companies deploy their team of high-powered lawyers, The Jasmer Law Firm is consistently able to defeat their efforts. Mr. Jasmer's encyclopedic understanding of the law and persuasive brief-writing are second to none. As one hard-to-please colleague of Mr. Jasmer's (one of the leading trial attorneys in the State) recently remarked after Mr. Jasmer's brief succeeded against seemingly impossible odds in defeating a truck company's attempt to do away with the entire case, "That's the most brilliant brief I've ever read. You took every argument made by the other side and turned it on its head, like jiu-jitsu."

During the course of recent settlement negotiations in a truck crash case overseen by the former Chief Judge of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Mr. Jasmer's colleague (himself one of the leading litigators in the country with 40 years of experience) told the Judge that, "David is the smartest lawyer I know."

We Care About Our Clients

The Jasmer Law Firm cares deeply about our clients and the serious losses they have suffered—whether it's facing a catastrophic transformation of their physical or mental well-being or experiencing the loss of a spouse, parent, or child. That serves as all the motivation we need to fight for them with all our might. Mr. Jasmer gives each and every client and each and every case considerable personalized attention.

About David S. Jasmer

David S. Jasmer got his start in personal injury by working for many years as a law clerk for his father, Frederick D. Jasmer, his greatest mentor, who had the premier personal injury law firm in Michigan (FDJ obtained the 1st million dollar settlement in the State's history and attained tens of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements). He comes from a family of lawyers, including judges, law professors, prosecutors, leading trial attorneys, and even his grandmother, the 1st licensed female attorney in Michigan. Mr. Jasmer grew up thinking about how to help victims of negligence from a very early age, a subject which he debated with his family virtually every night at the dinner table. That sparked his interest and instilled in him the mission to champion the rights of the injured.

Mr. Jasmer is happily married and has 3 children. He and his family live in the city of Chicago.

  • The University of Michigan Law School- JD, 1996 Top 5 Law School
  • Michigan State University- BA, English 1993
  • Intern for Judge Joyce Hens Green U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia Washington, D.C.
  • Licensed Attorney in Illinois November, 1996 - present
  • Licensed to practice in state and federal court, including U.S. Supreme Court
  • Associate Attorney for one of the Premier Personal Injury law firms in Chicago, IL 1997 - 2001
  • The Jasmer Law Firm (David S. Jasmer, LLC) Chicago, IL 2001 - present
  • Member of AAJ (American Association for Justice) (formerly ATLA)
  • Member of Interstate Trucking Litigation Group of AAJ
  • ITLA (Illinois Trial Lawyers Association), ISBA (Illinois State Bar Association)
  • CBA (Chicago Bar Association)
  • Lifetime Member of Million Dollar Advocates Forum
  • The Jasmer Law Firm maintains relationships with several leading national law firms/trial attorneys across the country
  • Author: "Reconstruction Experts", Proving Fault in Auto Accident Cases, Illinois Institute for Continuing Legal Education, 2007

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