Different Types Of Truck Accidents Require Different Types Of Legal Strategies

The vast majority of tractor trailer accidents result from just a dozen or so common problems. If you need help in litigating a truck accident claim, it is important that you work with an attorney who is experienced in investigating and handling these types of claims, including:

  • Jackknife accidents
  • Accidents resulting from blind spots
  • Underride (conspicuity) problems and accidents
  • Accidents involving wide and improper turns
  • Failure to stop and rear ending accidents
  • Accidents resulting from the miscalculation of the distance needed to stop a truck
  • Toll booth accidents
  • Merging- and lane-related accidents
  • Accidents resulting from improper loading and falling debris
  • Driver-related accidents ( driver fatigue, drivers' poor health, driver distraction and alcohol and drug use)
  • Accidents involving the improper screening, training or supervision of drivers
  • Accidents involving crossing the centerline
  • Accidents resulting from the improper maintenance of trucks

Lawyer David Jasmer of The Jasmer Law Firm has handled numerous truck accident claims and his decade-and-a-half of truck crash claim experience has resulted in tens of millions of dollars recovered for truck accident victims.

Truck Brakes — A Supreme Road Hazard

Truck brakes are not like car brakes. Operated by pressurized air, brakes can run out if not replenished regularly. Also, truck and trailer brakes must be in synch; if the front brakes are more powerful than the back brakes, for instance, the trailer can jackknife, which can cause a crash.

Ideally, brakes should be competently inspected every day. Often they are not, or are inspected quickly and poorly. We have handled numerous truck accident cases involving faulty brakes and other issues. For a no-charge consultation of your rights following a truck accident case, contact our firm.

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