Amputation Or Burn Injury? We Can Help.

An amputation is an injury that, for some victims, never fully heals. Many people who have lost a limb in a car accident or workplace accident report sensations of "phantom pains" that seem to exist in the space where the arm or leg no longer exists.

This phenomenon tells us a lot about the nervous system. "Losing an arm or a leg" is an ongoing challenge, even after an accident victim recovers from the surgery used to close up the limb, and becomes adept at using a prosthesis.

Representing The Interests Of Injury Victims Since 1996

At The Jasmer Law Firm, we have been setting the standard in personal injury victim representation for over 20 years. We have successfully obtained compensation for victims who have suffered a variety of amputation or burn injuries, including those cased by:

If our law firm represents you after you have lost fingers, toes, a hand or foot, or an arm or leg, or any other body part, our lawyers will listen carefully to all your complaints. We will use this information, along with other important facts such as how the amputation affects your ability to do any job that you held prior to the accident.

An amputation victim may suffer from depression or post-traumatic stress syndrome. Physical and psychological damage are both causes for compensation by negligent parties and their insurers.

Burn Injuries
A burn injury can also be an ongoing challenge for an injury victim, resulting in scarring and/or chronic pain. Plastic surgeons who seek to repair scar tissue may recommend repeated surgeries over a long period of time — especially for children who will grow and put stress on the scar tissue.

We Understand How To Win

When The Jasmer Law Firm represents a burn injury victim or an accident victim suffering from an amputation, we gather input from professionals such as:

  • Surgeons
  • Neuropsychologists
  • Neurologists
  • Life care planners
  • Physical medicine doctors
  • Physical therapists
  • Pain management specialists
  • Economists
  • Industrial experts

Take action as soon as possible after an amputation or burn injury: get proper medical treatment, and talk to an attorney promptly. The sooner an investigation begins into the causes of your accident, the more sources of compensation may be uncovered.

For example, if defective industrial machinery was the cause of your amputation injury, it is important to prevent tampering with the evidence by equipment owners who may seek repairs of the equipment.

Get Legal Help Now

Disfigurement, lingering pain, therapies and assistive medical devices should be compensated for by liable parties: other drivers, property owners or equipment manufacturers, for example.

The Jasmer Law Firm is here to help you get the compensation you need. The initial consultation is free in burn injury and amputation claims. We make home and hospital visits when needed. We don't collect attorney fees unless we obtain compensation for you. To contact our firm, call 312-386-7011 or 866-920-6021.