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Rollover accidents happen for a number of reasons. The cause of a crash may be defective tires, design flaws involving the center of gravity, or driver error. Another motorist may be responsible if his or her action — such as an illegal lane change — causes someone else’s vehicle to roll over.

Were Your Rollover Accident And Injuries A Result Of Defective Vehicle Parts, Driver Negligence Or Both?

Sometimes the cause of injury in a rollover accident is not only the crash itself, but also car parts that do not do the job they were designed to do. Injuries to occupants in a car in a rollover accident may be made much worse when roof crush occurs. Roof crush is often preventable when cars are designed properly. Defective seatbelts may also result in serious or catastrophic injuries in a rollover accident.

Driver inattention, fatigue and inexperience are also chief causes of rollover accidents involving private motorists as well as commercial truck drivers. The Jasmer Law Firm has led the way in demonstrating that negligent hiring and retention had occurred when truck companies put unqualified drivers behind the wheel, resulting in serious personal injuries to our clients caused by excessive cornering speed and other driver errors. We have been at the cutting edge in showing the effect of cell phone usage and on-board computers in distracting drivers’ attention, resulting in crashes. Our analytical acumen and thorough investigation of the facts of each case have led to many outstanding results.

Attorney investigation and analysis can help get your case moving forward quickly as you pursue the compensation you need after a serious or catastrophic injury in a rollover crash. To contact lawyer David Jasmer, call 312-386-7011 or 866-920-6021.

Our attorneys represent car and truck accident victims throughout the Chicago area and beyond, including in Cook County. Excessive cornering speed, illegal lane changes by other drivers, poorly designed on and off entrance ramps and design factors in SUVs, commercial trucks and other vehicles have all been identified as reasons for past Chicago rollover accidents.

Attorney Experience Counts After A Personal Injury

With all of these potential areas of liability — product liability, road defect or driver error — a thorough investigation is the best way to determine the cause of a rollover accident. Our experience and in-depth understanding of personal injury law have given us the tools and know-how to advise a potential client on whether he or she is likely to have a viable injury claim after a rollover accident.

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