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Accutane suit may be transferred to federal courts

| Jan 15, 2012 | Products Liability |

Another lawsuit calling the well-known acne treatment, Accutane, a dangerous product appeared several years ago. Because of the plaintiff’s desires, the suit will not likely be heard at the current level in the state where the plaintiff resides. It is likely that the case will be transferred to the jurisdiction of the federal courts.

In 2004, a woman in Illinois began complaining of abdominal pain. She had used Accutane to assist in the treatment of her acne in 2003, but according to her lawsuit, had no idea of the complications that could arise because of the product’s usage. Four years after her pain started, she was diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. It was not until June 2009 — when Accutane was recalled — that she realized her condition could have been caused by the acne treatment medication.

Her attorney says that she has experienced serious amounts of emotional and physical pain which will likely continue throughout her life. The hindrance stemming from her condition which was allegedly caused by Accutane has prevented her from continuing her life as normal. Because of these reasons, she is hoping to receive a settlement from the drug’s manufacturer, Hoffman-La Roche.

According to the defendant, the plaintiff will seek more than $75,000. This — along with the fact that she resides in Illinois while the manufacturer is based in another state — will likely take her case to the federal level. Her attorney has also alleged negligence on the part of the manufacturer and will likely seek additional damages.

If a monetary sum is awarded, a portion of the sought settlement will be used to better the woman’s condition.

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