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March 2012 Archives

Congress passes law, courts cope with new malpractice rule

People who live in Chicago may be able to worry less when they head to the hospital. Changes in legislation over the past decade may be creating improvements in patient safety, giving those that are in the hospital decreased concerns over the possibility of a misdiagnosis or a medication error.

Man burned in 2003 crash loses suit against Ford

A severe accident and the ensuing trials may have drivers in Chicago paying more attention to their surroundings when on the road. The motor vehicle accident occurred on May 22, 2003 when two men -- a state trooper and a civilian receiving a warning -- were sitting in a Ford Crown Victoria patrol car.

Woman in custody after alleged DUI accident

In Chicago, a woman has been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol after she was involved in a crash. According to the authorities, the 25-year-old woman from Chicago got onto the Kennedy Expressway at Armitage heading inbound in the outbound lanes. As she headed the wrong direction, a car accident occurred.

Proposed Rule Requires Electronic on Board Recorders in Trucks

Every year over 4000 people are killed and more than 100,000 are injured in vehicle accidents involving commercial trucks. Both the United States Department of Transportation and the National Safety Transportation Safety Board have often cited trucker driver fatigue as a significant factor that causes truck accidents. Truckers are limited in the amount of successive hours of service they can spend driving on the road. But many truckers misrepresent their hours of service on paper log books and push beyond those limits.

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