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May 2012 Archives

Studies on TBIs show differing views, more research necessary

If what a new study says is true, those that have recently received brain injuries in Illinois may want to seek treatment or spend an extra few days recuperating from the injury. Brain injuries often occur due to sports and accidents, some of which result in lasting effects that could increase an individual's risk for depression or brain abnormalities.

Two lives taken by crash in Southern Illinois

An accident in Southern Illinois has claimed the lives of two people. The crash involved a 67-year-old man driving a tractor-trailer and a 21-year-old woman that was in the driver's seat of a stopped car on Interstate 55. The automobile accident happened earlier this month near the west side of Lincoln, Illinois. Both individuals were declared dead at the scene around 11:40 p.m.

FMCSA Issues New Rules Targeting "Reincarnated Carriers"

Motor carriers - buses and other vehicles that carry passengers - are subject to fines and other enforcement actions when they operate unsafely. Companies with repeated violations and truck accidents can be forced off the road by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, a regulatory agency.

Husband cares for wife after accident causes brain damage

Few injuries are as mysterious as brain injuries can be. While some in Chicago have experienced a traumatic brain injury with little long-term effects -- maybe a concussion that was properly treated -- and the individual is able to move forward with his or her life with little difficulty.

Medication errors cause near fatality in one patient

A recent report may unnerve some recent hospital patients. Though the report comes from outside of Chicago, it does not mean that medical professionals at hospitals in the area are incapable of making a similar mistake. According to the aforementioned report, nurses at a hospital in Pennsylvania were to blame for medication errors that could have caused serious complications.

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