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June 2012 Archives

Agency Proposes Rule That Would Require ESC Systems on Big Rigs

An "electronic stability control" system - often called an ESC system - is computerized safety equipment that, when installed in a large commercial truck or bus that uses air brakes, helps the driver rein in the vehicle when in danger of rolling over or traveling out of control.

Multiple product liability suits haunt Johnson & Johnson

Things do not appear to be going well for Johnson & Johnson these past few years. Though the pharmaceutical giant is still making massive amounts of money, it has been plagued by product liability suits. The company recently allotted $600 million for a fine that will be paid during the company's second quarter. According to reports, that amount is made up of several settlements that will end multiple lawsuits surrounding the supposedly improper marketing of several drugs, along with allegations of bribery.

Master complaint filed against NFL for brain injuries

The National Football League has been accused of knowing about the potential for its players to experience brain injuries and not acting on it in the past. But a new lawsuit may be the largest and most-organized of these complaints. More than 80 pending lawsuits from former NFL athletes have been consolidated into a master complaint, one that includes more than 2,100 players.

Studies show dangers of driving while tired

The results of a new study should put many Illinois drivers on their toes, especially during the later hours. According to researchers, drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving, a habit that is illegal due to the increased risk of a motor vehicle accident.

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