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July 2012 Archives

Will Electronic On Board Recorders Make Roadways Safer?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has been pushing to mandate electronic onboard recorders (EOBR) throughout the trucking industry. EOBR's are electronic logs and global positioning systems that automatically record where a truck is and how many hours it has been on the road.

Pedestrian killed by taxi, relatives file suit

The death of a loved one is a traumatic loss. Not only has a beloved family member and/or friend been taken so senselessly, but survivors are often left to deal with heartbreaking feelings of grief and depression. In one such case, the brother of an 86-year-old female pedestrian who was killed in a motor vehicle accident decided to hold those responsible for her loss by filing a wrongful death suit.

Deceased woman's family wins wrongful death suit

After an individual undergoes a surgery, the patient's follow-up care and subsequent monitoring is performed by the medical facility's nursing staff. Patients and their loved ones count on the medical staff responsible for their care to be skilled and diligent. Any error can lead to serious repercussions and in some cases, even a patient's death.

Illinois parents file suit over son's alleged birth injuries

Expecting parents have a lot to worry about. From learning about infant care to picking the color of the baby's room, there are many different concerns for parents. Worrying about the safety of the child during birth is not one that many expect though. A lawsuit filed earlier this year in Illinois deals directly with such a situation.

New study released on veterans and brain injuries

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have left many veterans from Chicago with injuries. Some of these injuries are not as obvious as an amputated leg or a missing arm. However, a traumatic brain injury can be just as bad as any war injury. TBI is a trademark injury of these wars and they are often caused by concussive blasts that leave an individual's brain rattled and shaken.

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