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September 2012 Archives

Fatal Illinois Bus Accident May Be Linked to Equipment Failure

On August 2, a double-decker Megabus carrying 70 passengers was headed from Chicago to St. Louis when the front, left tire blew and hit a bridge support column in southern Illinois. The new, young driver, with his trainer aboard, was praised for how he handled the emergency situation.

Victim speaks out against texting and driving

The dangers of texting and driving are well known in Chicago. Many accidents have been associated with a driver using her or his cellular device while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Despite statistics and warnings about the consequences that texting and driving can cause, many people continue to do it and at least one victim of the combined act is willing to share his story as part of an advocacy campaign.

Manufacturer of gas cans may be protected from liability suits

When a person in Illinois uses a gasoline canister, she or he should not be concerned about the safety of the product. Despite this, one of the largest manufacturers of gas cans in the U.S. has been hit with product liability lawsuits year after year and is now blaming those suits for its predicted bankruptcy.

A helmet could prevent a traumatic brain injury

Bicycling is rapidly becoming part of the normal commute for many people in Chicago. This should be a cause for concern, especially if drivers and cyclists refuse to properly share the road. When a car and a bicycle collide, the consequences can be catastrophic -- particularly for the person riding the bike. A common and potentially fatal result of such an accident is a brain injury. Not only are brain injuries potentially fatal, they can also result in incapacitation.

Driver indicted months after fatal crash

An accident that occurred in May on U.S. 24 is back in the news. The car accident that occurred in Peoria, Illinois, left two people dead at the scene. Both individuals were passengers in a sport utility vehicle driven by a 29-year-old man from same city.

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