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October 2012 Archives

40 Years, 4 Million Miles, 0 Truck Accidents: Safe Truck Driving Is Possible

Big rigs may be challenging to drive, but it is possible to drive them safely. Just ask Mr. Powell, a Griffith, Illinois, truck driver who has driven trucks for 40 years and has never been in a truck accident. The driver recently received a Four Million Mile Award for driving that far without a single accident.

Pradaxa multidistrict litigation receives another suit

Another suit has been added to the Pradaxa multidistrict litigation. This one involves a man who took the anticoagulant drug for less than six months and was then hospitalized for more than a week. His 10-day hospitalization was caused by internal bleeding that he believes was caused by his use of Pradaxa. A product liability suit alleging such things was filed in late August of this year in the Northern District of Illinois, but was soon transferred to the Southern District of Illinois to join other litigation against the drug and its manufacturer.

What happens when a patient is anesthetized?

There are many uncertainties that may go through a patient's mind before a surgical procedure. This is understandable, considering that in these circumstances, the health of the patient is being placed into the hands of a surgeon who is often someone the patient does not know personally. But because of the title and extensive education, many people trust physicians not to make mistakes. It should not be forgotten that doctors are people, too.

Brain injuries can happen in the blink of an eye

The human body, though very durable in some situations, is also very fragile. There are two types of injuries that highlight this fragility: spinal cord injuries and brain injuries. Both can happen in a variety of circumstances that leave a person from Chicago vulnerable to them while at home, work, running errands, or on the road.

Parents file suit after Megabus crash kills daughter

The Megabus crash that occurred on Aug. 2 near Litchfield, Illinois, has spawned multiple lawsuits. According to reports, at least six suits have been filed due to emotional and physical injuries sustained during the automobile accident. Many of those suits allege negligence on the part of Megabus, the driver, Coach Leasing or some combination of the three parties.

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