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November 2012 Archives

Side effects of stroke may have been mitigated, suit says

When a loved one heads to the doctor or is admitted to the hospital, it is often expected that they are there to receive help, not harm. This is often the case, but in some instances medical malpractice has caused severe issues to arise, some of those issues being as serious as death. People in Chicago should be aware of this possibility so that they can learn to take preventative actions against such possibilities when seeking medical attention.

Drivers, insurance company accused of couple's wrongful death

An accident in Edwardsville, Illinois, took the lives of two people. The crash happened during June of this year. Since then, the estate of the deceased individuals has filed a wrongful death suit against the other drivers involved in the crash, as well as the insurance company that covered one of them.

Medical helicopter flights expensive, often necessary

When a serious car accident happens, severe injuries are likely. Illinois is no stranger to motor vehicle accidents and has had its fair share of life-changing crashes, causing irreparable damage to vehicles, occupants and their families. Injuries can be catastrophic, potentially causing paralysis or other extreme conditions, or even fatal. When the injuries are severe and have not yet turned fatal, time is of the essence. That is why a panel of first responders recently discussed the use of medical helicopters in Pinckneyville, Illinois.

Brain injuries are debilitating, but there is hope

Illinois is home to many people that have sustained a traumatic brain injury. The potentially catastrophic injury is easily acquired-all it takes is an impact between the brain and the interior of the skull. This means that any sudden change in acceleration can cause a brain injury to occur. Consider the many situations in which this can happen: a fall from a ladder, a car accident, a tough tackle, an explosion, an icy floor, etc.

Parents sue Monster after energy drinks linked to teen's death

Parents in Illinois may want to watch what their kids are consuming. Many teenagers enjoy drinking energy drinks but few parents understand the real complications that can arise due to their consumption. A wrongful death lawsuit has been filed against an energy drink company because the parents of a teenager believe the drink contributed to her death.

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