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Side effects of stroke may have been mitigated, suit says

When a loved one heads to the doctor or is admitted to the hospital, it is often expected that they are there to receive help, not harm. This is often the case, but in some instances medical malpractice has caused severe issues to arise, some of those issues being as serious as death. People in Chicago should be aware of this possibility so that they can learn to take preventative actions against such possibilities when seeking medical attention.

Take the case of one woman who had a stroke in 2007. It was Aug. 9 of that year when she went into a hospital's emergency room to be examined due to a severe headache. Neurological problems were present including slurred speech. A CT scan was performed on the woman to see if she had any evidence of a stroke but the radiologist who interpreted the scan said that nothing of clinical significance was apparent.

Several hours later, the woman was taken from the hospital and flown by helicopter to another facility in the region. Another CT scan was performed at the second location and evidence of a stroke was seen by the physician who interpreted this scan. The results of the first scan were then reanalyzed by another physician and evidence of a stroke was seen. Had the original physician seen the initial evidence, the woman's condition may not have advanced to such a serious level.

A lawsuit was subsequently filed against the first doctor and according to the filing, a correct diagnosis may have saved the patient from the suffering she experienced and continues to experience.

Brain surgery was necessary to address the symptoms and, since then, the woman has needed rehabilitation and therapy to re-learn how to perform daily activities. Earlier this month, a two-week trial was conducted along with three hours of deliberation by the jury. In the end, the jury sided with the woman and awarded her and her husband $5 million.

Source: Seacoast Online, "Couple awarded $5m in medical malpractice suit," Aaron Sanborn, Nov. 20, 2012

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