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January 2013 Archives

Patients kept in the dark about medication mistakes

Physicians just like all other workers make mistakes. They fail to diagnose patients' ailments, perform inappropriate medical procedures and prescribe the wrong medications. A recent study from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine shows that physicians in Chicago and elsewhere are increasingly less likely to admit to medication error mistakes; however, it is a dangerous omission that affects not only patients, but family members and hospital staff as well.

Lawsuit against truck driver and trucking company alleges wrongful death

Whether a death is caused by a fatal accident, medical malpractice or product liability, when harm comes to a loved one because of someone else's negligence, an entire family suffers. Such is the case with an Illinois State Trooper, who was killed last November while he was conducting a traffic stop.

Suit against DES manufacturer is settled on second day

Pharmaceutical companies that manufactured or marketed a synthetic estrogen decades ago may be held liable for the effects they are having on the children of the women who consumed the drug. Product liability suits have been filed by women from around the country, with one case of four sisters resulting in a settlement. The details of this settlement are unclear but the fact that it was settled may spawn other similar cases.

Zoloft killed newborn son, lawsuit alleges

Drug manufacturing giant Pfizer is at the center of another lawsuit. According to reports, the drug Zoloft, known as sertraline in generic form, may have caused the untimely death of a newborn infant. When filing their wrongful death lawsuit, the Illinois parents were forced to file in a court in Pennsylvania due to the multidistrict litigation status of the case against Pfizer. Multidistrict litigations often occur in product liability suits involving many plaintiffs and they tend to be used as an alternative to class-action lawsuits.

Labor Day accident likely continues to cause parents grief

The past year has been filled with many stories of tragic deaths. But one in particular stands out in Highland Park, Illinois: the death of a 5-year-old girl. Her passing was reportedly caused by an 18-year-old driver on Labor Day and authorities believe the teenager behind the wheel of the vehicle was under the influence of an intoxicating compound.

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