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February 2013 Archives

Truck drivers susceptible to tired driving

Driver fatigue is among one of the leading causes of truck accidents in Illinois and throughout the country. In some cases, this fatigue is brought on by a commercial truck driver exceeding the maximum number of legal driving hours. However, in other cases, the sleepiness is due to an overall lack of sleep. There are many reasons for not getting enough sleep, including not listening to the body's natural circadian rhythm or a sleep-related disorder.

Single-car crash during storm in Chicago metro kills two teens

Experience teaches Cook County drivers the skills needed to cope with poor weather, a proficiency that newly-licensed drivers learn over time. Illinois teenagers must complete a graduated licensing program before earning full driving privileges. The process slowly acclimates teens to traffic situations, including nighttime and foul-weather driving.

2004 Winnetka traffic safety project finally set to begin

North Shore residents have spent the better part of a decade waiting for improvements to a troublesome Cook County intersection. New safety features will be installed at a Winnetka intersection by August with hopes of preventing needless vehicle and pedestrian accidents.

Police suspect Illinois teen was at fault for fatal crash

Did a teenage driver put on the brake or run a stop sign? The answer to that question will help fatal accident investigators in Central Illinois decide whether a 19-year-old Tremont teen committed a deadly driving error.

Wrongful death suit filed after newborn son dies

Two formerly expecting parents recently filed a lawsuit in Illinois. According to their suit, a physician and a medical center are at fault in the wrongful death of their child who was born on Dec. 7 2011, and passed away less than ten days later. The couple believes that there were several mistakes and acts of negligence involved in the circumstances that culminated in the untimely death of their son.

Injured drunk driver charged in fatal Cicero crash

Charges have been filed against the driver responsible for a fatal accident in Cicero in late January. The car accident occurred after an evening of reckless driving around Chicago with several others in the car. Reports from a passenger in the vehicle and evidence found in the vehicle after the crash indicate the driver was drinking hard liquor throughout the night.

Truck drivers still prohibited from using marijuana

When traveling in Illinois, drivers no doubt pass tractor-trailers. Even just passing alongside one of these big-rigs, one cannot help but notice the sheer size difference between a passenger vehicle and an 18-wheeler. For some, even just this realization is frightening.

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