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March 2013 Archives

$500,000 bail for Chicago officer charged with fatal DUI crash

The euphoria of an alcoholic "buzz" is dismissed by some Illinois drivers as a manageable driving condition. Some motorists, including drivers whose jobs are to ensure traffic safety, do not consider alcohol's effects until they are held accountable for an injurious or fatal drunk driving accident.

Does caffeine consumption lead to less truck accidents?

Truck drivers often work long, boring hours on the roads. When driving from one state to another -- often on not enough sleep or during the nighttime hours -- it is not unheard of for fatigue to set in. While one would hope a driver would pull over and rest upon the realization of being tired, many times truck drivers continue to push it in order to make a certain delivery time frame.

Illinois mother critical after children killed in head-on crash

Children can become the victims of traffic accidents no matter how Illinois parents try to protect them. Parents' worst fears are realized when an auto accident injures or claims the life of their child. A heartbreaking discovery is learning that the driver who might have prevented a child's injury or death is the victim's parent.

Illinois fire volunteer dies in crash during accident cleanup

Family members who experience the accidental, sudden death of a spouse, parent or child seek elusive answers. How could a husband or father be taken away so quickly, permanently and senselessly? Legal actions help to punish wrongdoers and lighten the pain of relatives devastated by the negligence of others.

Four teens die when car flips into creek near Chicago

Experience teaches drivers how to react to adverse traffic conditions. Teen drivers in Illinois work through a graduated licensing program over time to learn to adapt to weather changes, high speeds, rush hour congestion and nighttime driving. Teens who exceed the limits of their driving abilities risk being killed or injured in a car crash.

Cause of suburban Chicago crash may be traced to prescription

Many Cook County drivers think that as long as a drug is prescribed or otherwise legal that consequences for impaired driving and accidents are avoidable. However, legal impairment may be caused by any drug.

Trucking company from fatal accident had previous violations

In a recent truck accident that claimed the lives of six other people, it was learned the trucking company the truck driver works for had racked up 17 violations over the past two years. One of these violations, following another vehicle too closely, was also what allegedly caused this most recent tragic accident.

High speed, alcohol suspected in Illinois mother's death

A Carol Stream woman died from injuries she received as she sat in her car along the side of Chicago's Eisenhower Expressway. Three others sustained serious injuries in the fatal crash near Kostner Avenue, including a driver police speculated was intoxicated and speeding.

Chicago police charge victim's boyfriend with DUI homicide

A Chicago couple heads home at the end of a late night date after an evening of dinner and drinks. The person behind the wheel is impaired by alcohol, but chooses to drive. A drunk driving accident occurs. The driver lives. The passenger, his date, dies.

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