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April 2013 Archives

Illinois auto fatalities down after death rate stats are posted

Drivers have become accustomed to Illinois Department of Transportation signs along state roads. The electronic, emergency signs have been up for more than a decade informing motorists about safety campaigns and emergencies.

Is the driver or employer responsible for the fatal crash?

A recent bus accident that left 3 people dead and 40 injured has some questioning whether the bus driver or the company he worked for should be held responsible. For Chicago residents, the fatal accident as a whole provides a glimpse into the confusion that can set in after a crash.

Chicago dad says state could have prevented teen's brain trauma

A suburban Chicago teenager can't remember the car accident that caused her brain injury. The father of the 14-year--old passenger is glad she doesn't recall the day in March that she nearly drowned. He is thankful she does not recollect her pain and suffering or the death of the driver, a 20-year--old mother.

Crosswalk safety plan ready for action as Illinois spring breaks

Local government officials often respond to traffic safety concerns after a public outcry over injuries or deaths from auto or pedestrian accidents. At least one Cook County community is not waiting until a crash occurs to take action. Orland Park is stepping up enforcement of a state law that local residents complain village drivers are ignoring.

Illinois bus crash kills driver, injures dozens of children

A traffic light was installed last year at a rural intersection near the Illinois community of Wadsworth. One of the neighbors said she felt "safer" after the improvement at the Highway 173 crossroads, at least until a recent fatal crash involving a school bus.

Illinois police arrest Waukegan teen for drag racing fatality

A Waukegan man is only a year older than the teenage pedestrian he allegedly hit and killed during a nighttime street race. Police north of Chicago tracked down and arrested an 18-year-old for the late March hit-and-run fatality.

Crash causes second Illinois trooper traffic death in five months

News headlines capsulize the events of traffic accidents every day. Details of fatal crashes and victims' identities are passed along in paragraphs that fade quickly from the front page. The people left behind -- the victims struggling to recover and families trying to cope with a loved one's death -- are changed forever by sudden, unexpected losses.

Alcohol party possible link to Cook County teen's death

How a teenager died may not be as valuable to Cook County criminal investigators as the victim's condition when she was struck by a vehicle. The 17-year-old was walking on a road in Olympia Fields when she was severely injured in a car crash. The girl died three days later.

Five-year prison term set for Skokie driver who killed boy

An 8-year-old Cook County boy was in a place last spring where a car should not have been. The child was riding his bike along a Skokie sidewalk when he became the victim of an auto accident involving an intoxicated driver.

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