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May 2013 Archives

Rules tighten for former Illinois athlete charged with DUI death

A pair of University of Illinois athletes ended up as teammates in the National Football League. Tackle Josh Brent and special teams' player Jerry Brown were colleagues on the field and friends off the field until an auto accident changed everything.

Illinois church van crash kills 5, injuries several victims

A cross-country trip for members of an East Coast religious organization was memorable for all the wrong reasons. Five men in that group, ages 29 to 54, died during a weekday morning rollover crash in South Central Illinois.

Did the truck or aging infrastructure cause the bridge collapse?

The bridge collapse in Washington state last week has sparked talks all around the country on the importance of keeping up with the aging infrastructure across the U.S. For while this bridge collapse happened in another state, there is nothing saying a similar accident could not happen in Chicago.

Wrongful death lawsuit filed in Cook County against the NHL

A wrongful death lawsuit was filed this month in Cook County Circuit Court. The wrongful death lawsuit was filed on behalf of the family of Derek Boogaard, a former hockey player known for getting into fistfights on the ice. It is believed these fights led to brain damage, which eventually led to an accidental overdose. 

Fatal Illinois crashes dim joys of motorcycle riding season

Motorcycles appear on Illinois roads in full force in late spring and summer after riders are dulled by months of skill inactivity. Increased bike volume also surprises car and truck drivers who had the roads to themselves during months of unfavorable weather.

Illinois repeat offender to serve 14-year term for DUI crash

A defendant recently apologized to a court in southern Illinois. The 44-year-old man said he hoped victims and their families could forgive him for causing a fatal motorcycle accident. The convicted man did not address the history of DUI offenses that made him a repeat negligent driver.

Drugged driving suspected in death of Chicago child

A $250,000 bond was set for a suburban Chicago man charged with three counts of aggravated DUI. The driver allegedly caused a fatal car accident that took the life of a Sycamore boy and critically injured a second victim. Authorities said the negligent driver had heroin in his system.

Report: Truck driver fell asleep in fatal Chicago accident

Truck drivers are especially susceptible to fatigue. The long hours, boredom and seemingly endless roads are all contributors to tiredness. Add into the mix sleep disorders and not following the body's natural biological clock by driving at night and it could be the combination needed for a deadly accident caused by truck driver fatigue.

Illinois woman loses husband, daughter in motorcycle crash

The emptiness left behind by a loved one's sudden death is partially filled with care provided by relatives. Long-term emotional support might be necessary to aid the recovery of grieving spouses, children or parents.

Illinois police on manhunt for fatal car crash suspect

A Caseyville teenager was days away from her 19th birthday with multiple reasons to celebrate. She leased an apartment and purchased a vehicle just before the start of her first full-time job. The Illinois teen's transition to adulthood was cut short when she became the victim of a fatal crash.

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