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Children toys on the shelves may still be dangerous

What is meant to be a fun children's toy can quickly turn into a parent's worst nightmare. Over the years, with lawsuits against toy manufacturers, many are learning that not all toys on the market are safe for children.

The Public Interest Research Group releases "Trouble in Toyland," which is a yearly report that focuses on potentially unsafe children's toys that could lead to injuries and death for children.

In looking at some of the concerns from the last report, these focused around not only choking hazards, but also toys being too loud for children and toys containing hazardous, toxic chemicals.

When talking about toys that are deemed too loud, this is not from a parent's perceptive. Rather, the nonprofit consumer watchdog group tested some toys and found some put out noise higher than 85 decibels. The concern is that noise over 80 decibels may be damaging to a children's hearing.

The Public Research Interest Group also focused on toxic chemicals in children's toys. For example, one toy called a Morphobot had 180 parts per million of lead. This violates the 100 parts per million standard.

In another toy, a Dora backpack, contained phthalates, which is a chemical that must be disclosed in some other states. However, while it does not need to be disclosed in Illinois, the Public Research Interest Group would like to see a national standard be adopted.

In bringing up this "Trouble in Toyland" report, what it goes to show is that not all children's toys are safe. Just because something is sold in a store, this does not mean it will not still cause injuries to children.

In cases where children are injured, parents should contact a personal injury attorney with experience handling products liability cases to see what legal action can be taken against the toy's manufacturer.

Source: WebMD, "Unsafe Toy List: Dora Guitar, Dora Backpack, More," Daniel J. DeNoon, Nov. 21, 2012

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