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Illness causes truck driver to lose control of semi

A recent accident highlights just how important it is for employers to make sure the truck drivers they hire are in good health. If not, and the health of the truck driver leads to an accident in Chicago, not only could the truck driver end up being held accountable, so could the company the driver works for. 

Recently, a truck driver who became fatally ill while behind the wheel, lost control of the semi he was driving on an interstate. The truck he was driving at ended up skidding across multiple lanes of traffic. 

Luckily, no other vehicles were hit when the truck skidded across the eastbound lanes of the highway. However, it is important to note that not only could there have been multiple accidents, but that health issues among truck drivers have led to crashes in the past. 

In looking at the job of a truck driver, this driver is operating a potentially deadly machine. Even just a brief second of losing control -- whether it is from dizziness or stomach pains -- can lead to an accident. 

This is why employers need to be on the lookout for medical conditions, such as diabetes, side effects from medications, age-related factors and other issues -- such as drug or alcohol abuse -- that could make driving a semi dangerous. 

In those cases where someone is injured in a truck accident, it may not be apparently obvious that underlying health issues caused the crash. This is where an attorney with experience handling all kinds of truck accidents in the Chicago area can step in to examine the facts of the case to see just who should be held responsible.


St. Louis Post-Disptach, "Truck driver stricken ill, loses control on I-44 near Fenton," July 4, 2013

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