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Chicago residents beware: Glass in salsa leads to product recall

Chips and salsa is a snack enjoyed by many Chicago residents. Some people have their favorite brands, swearing by certain chips and blends. Yet, others just like salsa and are willing to give any kind a try.

In general though, when picking out a jar to enjoy, typically the last thing on anyone's mind is the possibility of injury from the salsa. And why should anyone have to worry about the salsa?  No one would naturally assume there may be glass in the salsa.

However, this recently was the case in some jars of Olam Tomato Processors Inc. salsa.

The company recently announced the recall of its Mild Chunky Salsa after large pieces of glass were found in some of the jars. Luckily, no one was injured, but the recall itself does highlight the fact that seemingly safe every day products can contain real hazards to consumers. 

According to a spokeswoman for the company, the pieces of glass got in the salsa during the manufacturing process. However, the X-rays to inspect the salsa are not set to detect glass, so the large pieces went unnoticed. 

In general, whether it is a household product or a tool used for work, Chicago residents expect these products to be safe. This means no defects and no design flaws and certainly no glass in their food.

However, as this salsa glass case goes to show, this is not always the case. And while no one was injured from biting into the glass, there are plenty of cases where consumers are not as lucky and end up with serious injuries due to defective and dangerous products. When this happens, those injured often sue the company in order to recover compensation for those injuries.

Source: Christian Science Monitor, “Salsa recall: glass found inside jars,”  July 25, 2013

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